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Plant Warranty & FAQs

No Warranty

(If you do NOT purchase Warranty)

We DO NOT offer warranty or guarantee on any trees or plants we install after it leaves our yard unless is purchased separately.

You can Purchase a 1 year warranty for an additional fee prior to installation. Please contact us for more information.

  • In most cases we have encountered, plants/trees are underwatered or overwatered. However, we have created a watering guideline just for your needs! Please see document at the end of this page.

  • If your tree or plants are turning brown, you can send us a picture to our email for a one-time free evaluation, a minimum fee of $40 will be charged if you wish for us to evaluate the plant/tree on-site.

  • If your tree is leaning, we provide a 14-day period after planting the tree to contact us. Our installers have been properly trained to plant, but sometimes windy areas could affect the new landscaping. A one time fix is complementary.

  • If your tree needs to be staked, there is an additional fee separate from our regular installation rate. Please inquire about this prior to purchasing your tree.

  • My Tree is dead. What are your options? Unfortunately, of you do NOT purchase any warranty we are not responsible for removing or replacing your dead tree. There will be extra fees if you wants us to replace any trees or plants. 

Limited Warranty

(If you DO purchase Warranty

Should you purchase a 1 year warranty, this will include removal and replacement of the tree/shrub one time for a same value specie tree or shrub.

  • Replacement plants are NOT warrantied 

  • Keep in mind warranty will not apply to water neglect, or damage to your trees. This also applies to "Acts of Nature" such as floods earthquakes, windstorms, animals eating or damaging the plants etc.

  • Warranty is NON-REFUNDABLE 

  • Warranty becomes VOID if account is overdue 30+ days and/or nursery stock is physically or chemically damaged.

  • Newly installed landscape plants can sometimes suffer transplant shock, particularly during the hot summer months, it is important that plants receive proper care after installation.

  • Excluded from warranty: Perennials, ground cover, pots under 4'' & grass seed.  

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Rangel watering Guideline

Rangel warranty Information

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