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Rangel Professional Landscaping has in stock hardscapes, trees, plants, stones and mulch. We sell to both homeowners and contractors and also provide full landscaping services. Our goal is to provide the best quality and services possible to our clients and contractors at very affordable prices! Everyone deserves to have that beautiful dream outdoor come true; so keep scrolling to find out how you can do so!

Or contact us through email: info@rangelsonsllc.com or talk to us at: 317.219.7320.

B & B Trees & Plants

We sell evergreens and flowering trees that are grown and freshly dug out from Indiana ground and some shipped from Ohio. We have sizes available from 7' to 9' evergreen trees, 7 different species. Our maples measure 2.5"-3" caliper and 12'+. Shoppers are given the option to pick out their tree(s); we offer delivery and installation services for an additional fee. We do NOT give any warranty on our trees.

Furthermore, we sell shrubs in awesome shape and sizes! We offer delivery and planting for an additional fee. Plants do NOT have any warranty. Please call our office for further questions or details on pricing: 317.219.7320. Our prices are very REASONABLE!


  • Norway Spruce

  • Canadian Hemlock

  • Canaan Fir

  • Serbian Spruce

  • Sugar Maple

  • Weeping Cherry

  • Yoshino Cherry

  • Autumn Blaze Maple


  • Hydrangeas: Annabelle, Endless Summer, Limelight, Nikko Blue, Pee Gee, Ruby Slipper Oakleaf, Tardiva

  • Viburnums: Blue Muffin, Chinese Snowball, Kern's Pink, Prague

  • Lilacs: Miss Kim & Korean Dwarf

  • Burning Bushes

  • Barberry Shrubs 

  • Butterfly Bush, Pink Delight

  • Cypress, Gold Mop

  • Dogwood, Red Twig

  • Hollies, China Girl & Blue Princess

  • Boxwood Green Velvet, Green Mountain, Variegated

  • Grasses, Variegated, Muhly

  • Juniper, Gold Lace

  • Ninebark, Coppertina

  • Perrenials: Daylilies & Hostas

  • Weigela, Wine & Roses

  • Yews, Densi & Hick's


Our inventory composes of Pavestone and Travertine Mart hardscapes. We have pavers in several colors and textures; along with blocks and caps in different sizes for any small or large projects. The following list is a list of what is regularly stocked in our yard. We try to have 17 pallets of each material and color. Please visit our distributing website: www.rangelsonshardscapes.com for further options and details!


Pavestone Pavers:

  • Plaza Tumbled & Non-tumbled; 2 piece or 3 piece patterns; Colors: Eddington Blend, Old Town Blend and Earth Blend

  • Venetian Tumbled & non-tumbled; 2 piece, 3 piece or 4 piece; Colors: Eddington Blend

Pavestone Blocks:

  • Rumbled Wall: 1 piece pattern; Colors: Earth Blend, Chicago Blend and Earth Blend

  • Anchor Highland Wall: 1 piece or 3 piece pattern; Colors: Eddington Blend

  • Freestanding Anchor Highland Wall: 1 piece pattern; Colors: Eddington Blend

  • Highland Caps: 13" length; Colors: Eddington Blend and Bluff


Travertine Pavers:

  • French Pattern: 6 pieces; Colors: Noche and Ivory Swirl

Stones & Mulch

    We carry black and brown Nutra Dye mulch. Depending on our season times, prices can range from $28-$32 per cubic yd plus tax. Rangel Landscaping also provides the option of delivering on site for business owners or residential clients and we provide the service of spreading mulch for an extra affordable fee

    Our inventory also consists of stones ranging from small for bed edgings to large boulders for other decorative landscaping purposes. Our available material are Indian Hill and White-to-gray stones. We sale these by weight-ton or pounds. Below are samples of these products. Please call our office for pricing or further information!

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