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Hardscape Warranty Information

Limited Warranty 

All workmanship on hardscape materials installed by Rangel Includes a 1-year Warranty that starts from the day of installation.

What is Included with Warranty?

​- Warranty Coverages includes construction deficiencies such as settling or sinking patios/walkways/steps, loose pavers or blocks. 

What is not included with Warranty?

- Wear and tear from daily use including but not limited to:

Chipped Stonework, cracked plastic finishes, stains from grease, oils or beverages, sun/weather bleaching or scratching & Efflorescence stains.


Natural Stone/Pavers:

- These products are quarried from earth, color and texture variations are to be expected with this product.

- Consumers who contractually agree to a hardscaping installation that uses natural stone/pavers acknowledges and agrees to not hold Rangel accountable or financially responsible for the replacement or corrections of any paver sections of a project due to their dissatisfaction with inconsistencies in coloring, shade, texture or active efflorescence of these materials.

- It is recommended that clients expecting consistent color and finish select a manufactured product and not a natural product for their hardscape installation.


Patio Care

Even though pavers are extremely durable, seasonal maintenance is encouraged to preserve the beauty and integrity of your hardscape installation.

General Maintenance:

-Sweep it regularly, dirt and dust can easily build up in your space, creating buildup of debris that can break down your pavers.

-After a couple years weeds might start growing between the pavers, it is important to remove them if left unaddressed they can shift pavers apart over time.

-WARRANTY IS VOID if anyone else than Rangel team performs services or tempers with the hardscape installed withing the 1 year warranty period.

To Protect Patio:

-If your patio is exposed to the elements, you should consider using a paver sealer. This is an effective way to protect your pavers & do less maintenance.

-It is recommended to apply sealer as soon as you have your pavers installed.

-If client decides to wait to apply sealer to patio, extra steps might be required such as re-sand or Power wash.

Rangel Landscaping Maintenance Services:

-Power Washing 


-Sealing, clients can choose between High Gloss, Low Gloss or Natural.

What is Efflorescence 

A powdery white mineral deposit that sometimes forms on the surface of concrete, brick, stone or other porous surfaces. In technical terms, it consists of naturally occurring calcium salts.

  • Despite the appearance of stains or marks on the surface, it's important to note that efflorescence will not compromise the strength or durability of your pavers. Its impact is solely aesthetic and temporary in nature.

  • If you wish to remove efflorescence you can consider using a specialized efflorescence remover. These products are specifically formulated to dissolve efflorescence and remove dirt from paving stones and concrete surfaces without causing discoloration or damage. 

Hardscape extension

If a client is planning to add to an existing hardscape project such as patios or retaining walls, client must be aware of the following:

  • Due to manufacturing processes the natural ingredients such as granite are present within the recipe to allow for a range in tones, veining and textures from one stone to another, therefore color samples shown are approximate representations of standard colors  and actual product colors may vary depending on the dates that products are manufactured.

  • While Rangel Landscaping tries it's bests we CANNOT guarantee specific color matches. Clients who accept jobs that required extensions of existing hardscape acknowledges and agrees to not hold Rangel accountable or financially responsible for the difference in tones/color of the new installed hardscape.

Rangel  Hardscape Warranty 

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